O'Neill held a jersey retirement ceremony

Los Angeles aspects message Lakers confirm jersey retirement ceremony will be held to Shaquille O'Neal - in the morning the Lakers vs. Mavericks game midfield rest.

Shaquille O'Neal - joined the Lakers in cheap nba jerseys and thereafter for the Lakers during his wearing jersey No. 34, to help the Lakers won the NBA championship in 2002, third in 2001 and 2000, in 2000, O'Neill access to regular game MVP, and swept the three finals MVP.

After the end of the 2003-04 season, O'Neal Lakers traded to the Miami Heat, after which he successively effectiveness of the sun, the Cavaliers and Celtics. O'Neill announced his retirement in 2011. Has career averages of 23.7 points and 10.6 rebounds, 2.5 assists and 2.3 blocked shots. 15-time NBA All-Star.


Early in the 2012 NBA draft

  In April, when the box is able to do some life in the future prospect of NBA scouts in Nike basketball summit in Portland. Normally, this event is a display of players will in the next few years, but the drafting of the main story 2011 hoop summit is Bismack Biyombo, become a top prospects in this year's draft. Therefore, we in the April summit after the original hoop attention Biyombo and international players in the team in the world.

  We always hope to be able to follow up soon we took on team USA players, but then we have at the end of the regular season, playoffs followed by yada yada yada, and this article with a delay. So we decided to hold this until now, after the United States post draft, this basically is to see players are expected to be major factors in the 2012 NBA draft.


Observations on the 2013 Oilers

See Calgary flame and Edmonton oilers last night, someone may ask, if potential Edmonton oilers won't realize. This is a team full of potential, but has been in a reconstruction mode since the days of Chris Pronger and have very little success developing young players into the superstar.

Oilers has through the generation of cheap jersey - it is great to see Jordan Eberle, Taylor hall, Ryan and jia's new Hopkins Schwartz, play an attractive brand of hockey but I think is early oilers 80 's still too early. Last night a aging problem and full of Calgary flames beat young oilers of ramming hockey scored the goal again and again, this shows good does not necessarily mean victory.

Update: NHL and Union Report to Mediation

I guess just based on the past history and the tone of the now the way we play, this is probably won't produce settlement... This is not like a hysterical couples do divorce or commercial disputes, one party or the other is been completely impractical. This is two very complex and experienced group.

I just don't see how many intermediary can be brought to the negotiating table in addition to remind them what is at stake. Regularly. Who knows how much seed plants intermediary may eventually bear fruit... It is difficult to predict...
Intermediary often me a mechanism, the temper can cooling, and the operation from unrealistic ideas can be to look at the reality is... It sounds like they almost stalemate... Both sides have their own ideas and their goals, both sides can accept a set of Suggestions, the other party insisted that is necessary. We really are in a kind of stagnation.


Will his name mark Savard in Stanley cup after all

OK,  I know I said I’d be doing predictions next and I really was going to. But I got sidelined watching the young prospects tourney and Edmonton DOMINATING the Canucks prospects last night.
But then today TSN posted a feel good story about how Mark Savard will get his name on the Stanley Cup after all. The Bruins petitioned the league and the league allowed it. Good for them! Its the right move and no one with any class or dignity could possibly complain about this move!

If you remember, I posted earlier in the hockey concussion thread that Mark Savard took a head shot from a player wearing today’s plastic plate armor elbow pads and looks like his career is over after missing majority of last season and not being cleared for this upcoming season. The thing is, Mark Savard was a top 3 player, perhaps their FRANCHISE PLAYER, for the Boston Bruins before this happened and had he not been injured, he most definitely would have played a key role in the Bruins cup run.
So as I said, no one with any class, dignit

y, self respect could complain about this right?
Enter Montreal and Vancouver fan bases.
Listen, I posted last week Montreal was my #3 most disliked NHL franchise and Vancouver was my #1 most disliked franchise and even I’m disappointed in the comments being made in regards to this story. Just scroll down to the comments at bottom of the link I supplied above and read them if you want, its truly terrifying that these “people” are allowed to breed and multiple and influence others. TERRIFYING!!!!


NBA 2013 Season Predictions

I don't think there's so much publicity this NBA season ever. There is a small loss last year's headlines: Linsanity in New York, Dwight burns a through Orlando coach/management, rose a drop in the playoffs, but the storm west, heat through the work of the east, to return to the NBA finals, lebron get his ring, lebron MVP/NBA finals MVP, the United States won the gold medal in London, and moved to brooklyn and get Joe Johnson, Dwight and Nash to Los Angeles, hot sign Alan, Russia agreement sixth man hardening, Houston, and other free agent signing in the off-season.

 Damn it, to be honest, I can't wait for the jerseys cheap of the season, although my beloved supersonics in franchise operation state, not dead, still alive, but still there, a little bit like voldemort in harry potter.




I have a quick question about the new Nike Elite jersey's for anyone who has one. I was looking at the jersey and i noticed that the sleeve ends don't look they have that tight band at the bottom to give it that tight fit around them arm like the Reebok Jerseys had. Are the sleeve ends tight on the new jerseys?
If your jersey is any indication then apparently not....

If i ask really, really nicely, will Nike customize a cheap New York Jets jerseys for me?

With number 7 on the back? 

BQ: Lets be honest here what do you think of Mike Vick and that whole dog scandal? Whats your cheap Houston Texans jerseys opinion of the man?

BQ2: When he came out of Jail, would you sign him for your team if you had no Franchise quarterback, or take your chances on a stud in the draft?
I think you could get cheap Oakland Raiders jerseys made up at a local store I know the NFL store won't do it 

B.Q.I don't believe the NFL should have let Vick back in the league.Yes he did his time.Yet he was running a muti state gambleing operation.
That being said he is back in nothing we can do about it so we move on.

B.Q.#2 Take my chances in the draft.Vick was never a great QB he showed flashes of greatness but is so inconsistant.
I agree, he shouldnt have been let back in. Saori that made me laugh for like an hour. Dork, your crazy lol. You'll come home one day and your Discount Green Bay Packers jerseys would have been deleted for no reason
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BQ: He's paid his dues, said and did all the right things.

BQ2: Draft one, even tho the Pats actually came close to trading for him a very long time ago.

I would hope so.
BQ: I dislike him, a lot. What he did was horrendous and disgusting. While I believe in second chances, he showed no remorse for his actions and should've been forced into the real world to get a job instead of going back to making millions every year. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if he's doing the same thing to this day.
BQ2: No, unlike the Eagles I'd have intergrity. Besides, he's really not that good and massively overrated anyways.